Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Term 2 Reflections


  1. Term two was great but the thing that I didn't achieve was winning the kid in the glen trophy. The prize that I achieved was the person of the day 10 times, and the best student in the class award which came with the prize of a trip to Rainbows End. I was super happy that I won this.

  2. Term 2 reflection

    Term 2 has been a cool term for me because I went to a new school and it is called Glenavon school. It is a cool school. I came in term 2 of 2017. I achieved a lot of things that I wanted to this term. I am going to tell you about all these great things.

    Helping quote...

    In term 2 we all made a helping quote and my one was... "you will get all you want in life when you help enough people get what they want." My background was green,
    yellow and blue.

    My best friends...

    My best friends are Hope and Jada, they are my best friends in the whole world. After school I always go walking with Jada. Jada lives in Holbrook street Blockhouse Bay and I also lives there.

  3. Term 2 had the most greatest moments of my life.In my reflection I am going to tell you the outstanding goals I have achieved. I have achieved my goal of singing in Glenavon's got talent with my best friend Pipi.I have played in year 5 and 6 rugby and I was the only girl as it felt great.It was my facourite sport and I hope that there is another tournament for rugby

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  5. Term 2 has been the most happiest moments of my school life because I have achieved stuff that I was desperate to achieve. Also I have met some wonderful and superb teachers and students.

    In my flash back I'm going to talk about the things I'm happy about: Making friends. In term 2 I made heaps of friends, some of them I've already met before. There was this girl named Pipi she was kind she didn't hesitate to talk to me. She came up to me and said, "do you want to play with me?" So did this other girl Katrina and now I think of them as best friends.

    Being second highest in reading. One day I was reading my reading test I was also waiting to get called out then I got called out as soon as I finished I sat on the mat my heart was beating fast and then faster then baam my heart was filled with happiness I was was so grateful I actually came second in reading that was the best thing ever my level was 14.5.

    That is my term 2 flash back.

  6. Term 2 has been an amazing term because I have reached most of my goals and so much more. I am going to tell you about all these great things and what I am going to improve for next term and next year when I will be a year 7. The next goal I achieved at home was being the top softball player at my club. I achieved my goal of working in our class cafe when we raised $500 for the school in Kenya.

  7. Term 2 has been the greatest term for me because I have been achieving my goals that I hope I get.I am gonna tell you the greatest thing of term 2.

    Room 7's quote was my favorite things to do because all those quotes said nice stuff and those nice stuff inspired me to do great things that I haven't done in my life and that I should never give up.

    My friends are the best because they always stick up for you when someone is bullying you but when Karoline,Kaylani,Reiner and Pipi is not there Daiana always there that's why she is my favorite.

    P.O.D was one of my favorite things and P.O.D stands for the person of the day.And the reason why P.O.D is one of my favorite things because the teacher will say something about the person of the day and why they should get it.

    Everyday in term 2 was my best day in this term but there was one thing that I don't like is that people keeps treating people the way that they don't want to be treated.

    In term 3 I want to be better at sport,I want to try new things and give everything a go and I want to be better at maths.

    That's why term 2 was the best term in my life and I hope term 3 will be the same.

  8. I have really enjoyed this term because of all the success we have had this whole term. I am going to be telling you my highlights from this term.

    1)I really liked how we did our charities and people supported us to help out.

    2)I also liked how we did the cafe to help out for the Moindabi school. It was amazing how much money we raised $500.

    3)I liked how we did the quotes so we know every time we look at it it reminds us to help each other out.

    4)The last thing that I liked was when we went to the Life Ed truck, it was fun to learn about 'think before you post' and 'the choices you make.'

    The things I would like to improve on is to get higher grades and to learn new things that I didn't know before.
    Those are the things I've enjoyed this term and I hope it is the same next term.

    By: Kaylani

  9. In term 2 it was awesome because I have lot's of friends at Glenavon school. I also liked term 2 because there were lot's of sports and you get choose what sport you want to join, like soccer.
    What I really wanted to do at Glenavon is sports because you could learn new skills in other kinds of sports. Now I'm going to tell you the things that I enjoyed at Glenavon school.

    What I enjoyed at Glenavon school was learning new things like problems and other kinds of hard problems. Also the second thing that I enjoyed at Glenavon school was sports and there are lot's of sports around the world. I enjoyed lots of things at Glenavon school like new sports and new learning. The third thing that I enjoyed at Glenavon school was making new friends and having fun with my new amazing friends.

    By Andrew

  10. Term two was great and what I liked about room 7 was all of the work we did. Playing the games like soccer and dodge ball and Mr Hunte is a great teacher. Me and my dad play football together and I have made some cool new friends.

    By Reegan

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  13. Term 2 reflection
    Term 2 has been an awesome term.Because I have achieved many different thing in my life

  14. By Vincent

    Term two was so cool when I just moved to the best teachers class where you can be in paradise. I've achieved a lot of work in room 7 and I've tried to change my attitude because I thought Mr Hunte was angus but in fact he turned out to be cool and read us 'Gangster Granny.' I wish I was a rugby star. Ever sinces I moved to room 7 I started to play more sport because I felt welcome in room 7.

  15. Term 2 has been like a roller coaster, we have been through good times and some bad times, but besides all of that I have had a great time in Room 7. I have made a lot of friends, achieved my goals, and done stuff that I never thought I could do.

    In my learning I have been doing well, I have achieved the highest score in reading, and writing and 2nd highest score in maths behind Siaosi. I am so proud of myself for doing my best and trying my best.

    I have had a lot of fun this term and cant wait for term 3!

  16. Term 2 was an awesome term for me because I have achieved many different goals and different things. In my term 2 reflection I am going to tell you about all these fantastic things and why I am proud of myself.

    My good achievement:
    When I first came to room 7 I was a bit nervous before my teacher(Mr Hunte) knew me then I became a confident person and I even got table points. I became good and kind to other people.

    My math,reading and writing achievement:
    Now this is a big one. Mr Hunte said I was the best at maths out of all the year 5's. Reading was a bit ok and I love writing all the time and writing is fantastic.

    What I will improve for next term:
    Next term I'm going to be as good as Ezekiel and Andrew to get the person of the day and I will achieve more in maths, reading and writing and I will get smarter and smarter!

    Term 2 was so much fun, there were some good times and bad times and we enjoy the Cracker Jack activities. Overall we enjoy ourselves.

  17. Term 2 was really cool because I have achieved some goals and we have done alot of learning

    First of all I have achieved moving higher goals like reading and maths test.I have backed my self when we were doing our charity's because I was very scared and nervous because I thought people wouldn't support out charity but they did.

    Secondly I loved how we did some art,quotes and goals and we put it on the walls because when visitors or people come in they might think that is cool.

    Also I loved our cafe because we raised money to give the moinabi school in Kenya for their sport gear.

    I didn't like when we all argued and we were all saying that person cheated and we didn't even work like a team

    And also I didn't like when some people went on other peoples account and wrote bad things on it and send it to everyone but they didn't even back there self.
    I would love to improve some more goals next term.

    By Karoline